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About NWA :: Architect and Litigation Consultant
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About NWA

Who We Are

New West Architecture provides design solutions for residential, commercial and historic preservation projects. New West was founded in 1990 by Rob Fisher, a Licensed Architect in Colorado and Wisconsin. Rob earned his Bachelor of Environmental Design from the University of Colorado and went on to the University of Illinois for a Master of Architecture and a Master of Business Administration. Rob has also worked as a general contractor, and was an instructor at the College of Architecture and Planning at the University of Colorado for ten years, teaching specialized courses such as "Historic Preservation Technology," "Historic Preservation Studio" and "Research Issues and Programming in Architecture". Rob is also an expert in construction litigation.

We Build Trust

Our clients are regular folks. They work hard and make a comfortable living, but they usually don't have a bottomless pot of gold. They walk in our door ready to invest the single largest bag of money in their lifetime. They sling that money on the table, expecting us - and rightly so - to guard it for them, watching out for their best interests from start to finish. That's the level of trust they put in us. It can be frightening for them. We work hard to keep that trust and to make them comfortable.

We Have a Golden Rule

Our focus is on designing buildings that reflect the Client's desires. We have a Golden Rule: "He who has the gold makes the rules." That fundamental difference from other architects is noticeable when you compare our designs... there are no two alike. Each is unique to its Owner.

We Have Red Shoes

Have you ever walked by a store window looking for anything in particular, say, red shoes? And, if you don't see them, walk away disappointed? Well, we have red shoes, even if you don't see it on our list of completed projects. We have the expertise to design your project to the highest standard no matter the scope - from minor bathroom remodel to a new multi-million dollar commercial building.

We Like To Kiss

Keep It Simple, Sonny. We're straightforward, as are our designs. We don't use your project to reinvent the wheel, or to get ourselves on the cover of trade magazines. Construction, in itself, is complicated and costly enough. Your project shouldn't be an experiment. Instead, your project should be inspirational and appropriate to your site, your surroundings and your senses. A master artist doesn't have to use every color available to paint a masterpiece, though. We prefer to create in subtle, refreshing ways.

And Yet, We're Anal Retentive (Hope that doesn't offend you!)

We're actually talking attention to detail. It's so important. (Friends kid us that we should be wearing T-shirts that read, "Does anal retentive have a hyphen?") That level of attention is part of our make-up. And it's what you want in an Architect. After all, it's your project we're watching out for.