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New West Architecture Client Comments

Client Comments

“As you know, we had a fairly clear idea of what we wanted out of a remodel...what we didn't realize was that we would also get the transformation of our very ordinary suburban tract house into a really interesting, extraordinarily comfortable new house. I think we enjoyed the chance to describe to you our style of living, seeing what alternatives you could see with the space, and then focusing in on the most reasonable. We got much more than we could have ever hoped.”

“The most important elements Rob Fisher brought to our project were his realistic sense of the possible, while still striving for the beauty and elegance we wanted. His personal style is just right for working calmly and in detail with many different people. He is a perfectionist, but knows how to produce work in a timely manner.”

“Rob was of great help during the remodel and at its conclusion by maintaining a weekly examination schedule of work completed and work to be done next and by continuing to communicate with the contractor so that the completion of the remodel was pleasant and expedient. Rob was not just the planner of this extensive project but facilitated the process by making sure everyone worked up to our expectations. I love our new home. It is a place that I look forward to returning to each day as well as a place that I am excited to entertain in and show off to friends and neighbors alike.”

“Well, we have been in the house 2 1/2 months and had the holidays here with different groups of friends staying over and we absolutely love, love, love this house! Nice design Mr. Architecter! We are happy as clams. People are wow'd by the house - that it has a relatively modest footprint (not a suburban monstrosity) but seems so much bigger. Warm. Open. People love it and we love it. Rave reviews. Thanks, again - you are very good at your job.”

“I wanted to let you know how happy I am with the remodeled house and how much I appreciate both your design and continued advice and support during the remodel process. Dena was here last weekend and said that she thought the kitchen was as beautiful as she has ever seen. The whole feel and functionality of the house is remarkably improved that it seems like an entirely different place.”

“The project is going to be featured in the North Denver Tribune's Renovation Spotlight section. Last, but certainly not least...WE ARE VERY GRATEFUL for the opportunity to work with you! We really enjoyed the design process, and felt you provided great council and skill. It did turn out great. It feels like it belongs.”

“We are very pleased with the layout of the remodeled areas and wanted to thank you for your design. The master bedroom feels good sized and the bath quarters are wonderful. The shower turned out great. The extra width in the hallway in front of the W/D is very nice. Just wanted to give you a quick update and thank you!”