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New West Architecture Contractor Comments

Contractor Comments

“You do a really nice set of drawings. I'm so tired of getting shoddy amateur sets of drawings from other architects. Your drawings definitely save the client money.”

“Your drawings and detailing save the clients about 20% of the construction cost over other designers.”

“Really a nice set of drawings. Lately, all I've been getting are concept drawings. I can't estimate the cost accurately from just concepts. I need details and your drawings have them. Your drawings make it easy to bid.”

“I've never had such a complicated design come out so perfect, and it was due to your drawings. The most amazing thing in my life was putting the beams up and everything just fit - all the pockets and angles. I've never seen anything like it. It's a thrill to work on your projects.”

“All I know is that I get a lot more detail off your drawings than off of any other architect's. You should see some of the junk I have to build from. Your drawings are far and away better than anybody else's. That definitely makes the bids tighter and keeps the cost down.”

“I love working on Rob's projects. They're so well prepared. I wish I could find the quality of Rob's work with other architects.”

“Thanks for the great drawings. The dollar savings are probably at least 15% over other architects, especially from a framing aspect. You know the code so much better than other architects and you save your clients change orders. All of the subcontractors said it's really nice to have your drawings - they're so good!”