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New West Architecture Design Process :: Architect and Litigation Consultant
New West Architecture Design Process

Design Process

How NWA Works

We provide the following services:

A little explanation about our most frequently used services...

Design services follow each other chronologically - one phase leads to the next. This way, we can be sure that the design solution meets our client's needs and expectations.

Programming. This first phase is perhaps the most valuable time we will spend together, formulating a written statement that outlines the scope of your project. This is also the time when we will test the fit between what you want, what you need, and how that affects your budget.

Schematic design and design development. The objective here is three-fold: to illustrate possible design solutions quickly and at minimal expense, to assist you in determining the project feasibility through thorough construction cost analysis, and to narrow the possible design options down to one desirable design. This process is an excellent tool for showing you the breadth of design possibilities and allows us to test different solutions and cost scenarios.

Construction documents. Simply stated, this is the phase where the detailed drawings and specifications are created to set forth the requirements for construction. They are, in essence, an exact set of instructions for the contractor to follow. The more detailed the drawings, the more control you have over the project and the more money you will save during construction. (Remember that anal retentive trait?)

Bidding. Over the years, we've developed a large number of strong contacts in the contracting field. Our good relationships with the right contractor will increase the potential for a successful project. We can draw from these contacts the most appropriate, cost effective contractors to bid on your project.

Construction Observation. During construction, we interpret the construction documents, establish standards of acceptability, judge the contractors performance and authorize the payments to the contractor. In essence, we act as your agent, protecting your investment.

Litigation Consulting. Don't let this scare you. It's just that our preeminence in the architectural community is why we're called upon as expert witnesses. We've built a reputation for our expertise in architectural design, contracting and construction. Providing expert witness services has made us better at providing architectural services.