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Litigation Consulting :: Architect and Litigation Consultant

Litigation Consulting

Expert Witness Services

What's important. Who's responsible. What was the result.

I provide architectural and construction litigation consulting as an expert witness to plaintiffs and defendants. I focus on the chronology of the project's management (who made which decision when), the reasons for those decisions (why was that done), and the construction documents and construction that resulted from those decisions. My focus narrows the research effort; quickly allowing the legal team to ascertain its case.


Expert witness services are only as good as one's ability to communicate and teach. During my twelve years as an instructor at the University of Illinois (design) and the University of Colorado (architectural programming, design, and historic preservation), I developed various methods to make complex ideas understandable.

Claim Preparation and Analysis

At the heart of every construction claim is the available documentation. The number of documents in construction cases can be staggering. I excel at organizing the construction drawings, specifications, change orders, emails, meeting minutes and other project communication. This organization can give you a tremendous advantage as the case proceeds. My analysis of the documents teases out the information and evidence necessary to allocate damages in a detailed and supportable manner.

Support for Costs, Delays, and Allocation of Damages

Through analysis of the project documentation and onsite investigation, I provide supporting information to identify budget overruns, schedule disruptions, delays, construction defects, and allocation of liability.

Construction Defects

My thirty-plus years of analyzing historic structures and designing renovated and new buildings for both residential and small commercial applications have exposed me to a wide variety of materials and techniques that work or fail. I can analyze causes and suggest solutions for found defects. I can suggest alternatives that should have been considered and develop easy-to-follow exhibits to explain the situation at hand.

Expert Report and Testimony

I convey complex design, construction, and management issues through easy-to-understand communications and demonstrations. I deliver the expert report and testimony with confidence, clarity and professionalism.

In addition, I can assist the legal team in drafting deposition questions and determining the evidence to obtain that would be critical to the case.

References are available upon request.