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Why Us? :: Architect and Litigation Consultant
Why New West Architecture?

Why Us?

Be Picky, Be Very Picky


Our participation in your project is about leverage. We leverage our imagination, problem solving techniques, technical knowledge, and governmental and contractor relationships to ensure that the value of your property increases and your home or commercial space is transformed into a place of distinction.

Construction Costs

The level of detail in our construction documents eliminates second-guessing by the contractor, lowering the construction cost substantially. In most cases, the savings will more than cover our fees, essentially providing you with free design. Overwhelmingly, contractors report back to us that our detailed construction documents save owners approximately 20% on construction costs over those of other firms.

We've designed more than 300 projects and have compiled an extensive record of construction costs that allow us to predict with accuracy the cost of your project at every phase. We provide construction observation for all of our projects and have developed construction techniques that lower construction costs based on that knowledge.


We're proud of our association with past and current clients. Many have become close friends over the years. Our goal is to do whatever is necessary to solve the client's problem. This starts with a successful client/architect relationship.

But we don't stop there. We have strong connections to the decision makers inside the cities and counties we work in. Increasingly, it's difficult to see any project through governmental regulations. Solar analysis, site plan review, PUD review, energy analysis, and green points analysis, let alone the building code and permitting are enough to drive you crazy. We know how to make the process run smoothly.

Then, we go one more step. We also strive to be fair and consistent with contractors and provide them with detailed directions for construction. This reduces the risk for all involved and lowers construction costs.

Design Fees

Our contracts provide the details of every project phase. We spell out our scope of work so it's clear what our responsibilities are. For most projects, we will propose lump sum fees so you'll know ahead of time exactly what your design costs will be. If we have to work hourly, we use not-to-exceed limits to give you peace of mind.

Fees are different for each project and are calculated based on a number of factors. They generally fall between 5 and 10% of the construction cost depending on the project's complexity and the extent of our scope of work.

Change Your Mind?

That's ok with us. You can change your mind as often as you like and we'll remain flexible and change with you. We want you to have the best design, period. If that means moving, shifting or adding to the scope, we'll accommodate it and work until you're comfortable.

And Let's Not Forget About Great Design

We don't just draw four walls and a roof. We design total environments that are functional and exciting. Places you want to be. Great design is that which is left after all the extraneous parts are pared away. For you, it might be efficient or extravagant or even whimsical. Whatever you want, we'll get you where you want to go.